ATM Seminar Series: Aviation Meteorology

Have you ever wanted to be an aviation meteorologist?

In this seminar, Erin Rinehart talks about her journey to becoming the primary night shift meteorologist at Southwest Airlines in Dallas, Texas. She attended Baylor University where she earned a B.A. in Earth Science. After college Erin joined the U.S. Air Force as a weather forecaster where she served for eight years. Following military service, she enrolled in the M.S. in Applied Meteorology program at Plymouth State University. After a short time working as an aviation forecaster contracted with American Airlines, she moved to Southwest Airlines. In this talk, Erin also discusses various aviation meteorology products used by both the military and civilian airlines, along with her various shift duties at Southwest Airlines. She also touches on some of the differences between airline aviation forecasts and the media forecasts created for the general public.

Learn more about Northern Vermont University-Lyndon’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and how you, too, can understand the science to become an aviation meteorologist:

Atmospheric Sciences Students Participate in the Northeast Kingdom STEM Fair

Last month, Atmospheric Sciences students Nick Ferrando, Jonathan Hutchinson, Jessica Langlois, Evan Levine, and Francis Tarasiewicz, from the AMS Club and The Climate Consensus group, teamed up to host a table at the VSAC Northeast Kingdom STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Fair at Miller’s Run School in Sheffield. They taught 7th and 8th graders about weather and climate, and how weather and climate relate to one another. Interactive activities included demonstrations of ice albedo, atmospheric moisture content, and the effects of climate change. Jonathan Hutchinson said, “Being able to go out into the community and seeing the students’ amazement and developing interests in the different science sectors was a heartwarming experience for all of us who participated.” Nearly 400 students attended this two-day event, whose goal was to inspire young people to consider pursuing careers in STEM fields.