Atmospheric Sciences Computer Availability

Check these room maps to determine if a computer is in use!

Note that this availability is only correct for Windows. Computer availability is not available if any computer is booted into Linux.

For remote access, only on-campus students can use Microsoft Remote Desktop to access lab computers. Please contact Jason Kaiser for assistance using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Weather Center (ASAC 303): even-numbered available in-person

ASAC 315 (in-person)

ASAC 315 (remote)

ASAC 317

Due to the inability to social distance, ASAC 317 is closed to in-person access. All of the computers in ASAC 317 are booted into Linux. Please follow the Linux GUI through SSH (on Windows) instructions to access these computers remotely, both on- or off-campus.

ASAC 319

MAX Workstations (News7 & VIC)

Please sign in to the MAX Sign-Up sheet to fill out your own availability by putting your name on a time slot. Classes are pre-filled out as gray boxes, which you cannot put your name down for. Name sign-ups are on a first-come, first-served basis.