Geophysical and Human Interactions Student Presentations

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During final exam week, students presented semester projects that were completed as part of ATM 2210 Geophysical and Human Interactions. The presentations, which were open to the Lyndon community, highlighted accomplishments the students made over the past semester while tackling sustainability issues on campus. According to the course’s professor, Dr. Janel Hanrahan, “the class covers various issues related to climate change, including energy use, waste, food, and population. These are pressing issues that can seem overwhelming, but this project helped students learn that they can really make a difference!” The students addressed campus recycling, lighting issues, wastewater management, food packaging, and family planning. Some of their efforts are already visible on campus, such as condoms in the vending machines and signs encouraging the use of natural lighting. Over the next few months, more changes will be implemented, including reduced packaging in the Hornet’s Nest and new recycling signs. As the weather permits, additional vegetation will be planted along campus parking lots and polypropylene filters will be placed in storm drains.

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