Atmospheric Science students rally for climate change action

Atmospheric Science students and faculty joined other college and high school students from around Vermont to bring attention to climate change at the 1st Annual Youth Rally for the Planet. Hundreds of students marched through the streets and convened on the Statehouse Lawn in Montpelier. They rallied to demand divestment from fossil fuels and investment in renewable energies.

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ATM students visit Montshire Museum

Students in two courses, Atmospheric Dynamics and Remote Sensing, visited the Montshire Museum of Science last week. The field trip allowed students to connect theoretical atmospheric concepts to real-world phenomena. They studied concepts such as the Coriolis force, relative vorticity, raindrop coalescence, and fog dynamics.

LSC faculty to participate in Lake Champlain climate change research

Dr. Janel Hanrahan, a faculty member in the Atmospheric Sciences Department at Lyndon State College, will participate in the recently funded five-year $20 million NSF EPSCoR project, led by University of Vermont. Dr. Hanrahan will work with a climate modeling team to dynamically downscale climate model projections over the Lake Champlain Basin. Specifically, the team will investigate the impacts of climate change on extreme weather events in the region. In addition to her own work on the project, Dr. Hanrahan will supervise several undergraduate students who will have the opportunity to conduct and present unique research.[easy-media med=”3846″]

Photo credit: Kristen Condit