LSC Students Attend the Vermont Weather, Climate, and Climate Change Roundtable Meeting

Three Lyndon students attended the first Vermont Weather, Climate, and Climate Change Roundtable meeting in Montpelier, VT on March 31st. Allison LaFleur, Arianna Varuolo-Clarke, and Melissa Segall joined Dr. Hanrahan for a one-day gathering of state and federal agencies to discuss issues related to extreme precipitation/emergency management, agriculture/forestry, and human health issues under climate change. They learned about new data tools at the federal level that can be used to understand and address projected challenges across the state of Vermont.


ATM Seminar with Craig Johnson

You are invited to attend an ATM seminar offered on Thursday, 2 April 2015 at 12:30pm in ASAC 319 with Craig Johnson.

Craig is a Lyndon State graduate (2012) and holds a Masters of Science in Climate Science and Policy. He currently works as an Analyst at Optimal Energy, Inc., where he focuses on energy efficiency projects. Craig will share his recent graduate school experiences and describe what Optimal Energy, Inc. does in the field of energy and energy efficiency.

His talk should be particularly interesting for those of you working on the private industry, climate change, and/or environmental sciences concentration(s).

This is the last scheduled seminar of the spring semester!