CIS-2101: Introduction to LINUX
Fall 2018 T 4:00-5:20
ASAC 315
George Loriot (
Office: ASAC 316; T 1:30-3:00PM


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will introduce you to the basics of UNIX, a powerful and commonly used environment for many meteorological and business applications. We will concentrate on the LINUX version of UNIX.

COURSE FORMAT ('flipped'): This course will follow the Notes in the Moodle presentation of CIS2101, but there is a new format to the material presentation, called a 'flipped' format. In this method, there are video clips called 'modules' that cover the Note section for the upcoming class. These modules can be watched at your own pace; you will be expected to understand this material before class. This will free up classroom time to expand on the module material, discuss the LINUX system and commands, and prepare for homework assignments.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this class, students should:

  1. Have an increased understanding of the LINUX environment.
  2. Be able to work effectively in a network LINUX environment, using basic LINUX commands (e.g., pwd, cd, cp, mv, mkdir, ls, ls -l, grep, cat, less, more, rm, rmdir, history, file, man) and programs/utilities (e.g., emacs, vi, ftp)

EXPECTATIONS: When topics are difficult to understand, I expect students to ask questions. Don't be shy; please interrupt me if I'm going too fast or you don't understand something. I also expect curiosity and self-directed learning in your quest to learn more about UNIX's power and elegance since this is short "crash" course. You will not retain your LINUX knowledge beyond this class unless you use it, so I recommend a one LINUX command a day practice.

USEFUL REFERENCES (not required):


The traditional grade system (A-F) will be used for this class. Specifically,

90-100% A

80-89.9% B

70-79.9% C

60-69.9 D

below 59.5% F

100 % of your grade is based on the labs

LATE/MISSED WORK: If a lab is late, 20 points will be deducted. All assignments are to be submitted electronically and are due at noon on the Friday following the lab. Assignments will not be accepted after noon on Monday. If you miss class, you are responsible for getting any missed notes and labs.

ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to attend class; roll will only be called at the beginning of the semester to verify rosters. However, an accumulation (greater than 5) of unexcused absences will result in failure of the class. The only valid reasons (with appropriate written documentation) for an excused absence are as follows:

  1. Illness documented by a physician
  2. Participation in the college-sponsored activity
  3. Death of a family member
  4. Jury duty
  5. Inclement weather

COMPUTER ETIQUETTE: Non-educational use of the computers during class time will not be tolerated! It is rude and detracts from the learning environment. Non-educational uses may include surfing the web, face booking, chatting with friends, or playing games.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Lyndon is committed to providing a broad spectrum of accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Within the resources of the college, we are prepared to provide accommodations that are appropriate for the nature of the disability and the course. Any and all disabilities must be documented; please take care of this documentation as soon as possible so that we can promptly accommodate your situation.