CIS 2101 Homework Assignment #12


NOTE: To copy and paste in the Unix environment the following may be used:
  1. What series of commands would you enter to:
    • Run xclock from the terminal in the foreground:
    • Suspend this process:
    • Restart this process:

  2. What command would you use to start xclock in the background from your shell?(2pts)

  3. What command would you use to list:(2pts)
    • All processes currently running on the machine you are logged onto
    • all processes you are currently running.

  4. If a process (such as garp) crashes on you, but is still running, list the commands you would use to: (2pts)
    • determine the process ID number
    • terminate the process

  5. What was the most interesting thing you learned in this class?(1pt)
  6. What are your three most favorite unix commands besides fortune?(1pt)
  7. What do you think are the three most important unix commands/utilities?(1pt)

Be sure to print out a copy of your answers when completed.

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