CIS 2101 Homework Assignment #6


NOTE: To copy and paste in the Unix environment the following may be used:
  1. Create a new directory named unix_lab06 in your CLASSES directory (/mnt/homes/CLASSES/CIS2101/<username>). Show the command you used to create the directory. (1pt)
  2. Within your new unix_lab06 directory, copy all of the stats (files ending with ".stats") files in /mnt/homes/CLASSES/CIS2101/lab06 into your unix_lab06 directory. What command did you use to perform this function? (1pt)
  3. Rename one of the largest stats files you copied over to the new unix_lab06 directory as biggest.stats. Show the exact command you used to do this and a long listing of the newly named file. (1pt)
  4. Who is the owner of the file in #3? And to which group does it belong? (1pt)
  5. Create a subdirectory named smallstats under your unix_lab06 directory. Move the stats files whose names end with "3.stats" into this new subdirectory. Copy and paste the command you used to perform this function below. (2pts)
  6. Create a file called filename.txt in your unix_lab06 directory. Rename this file to filename2.txt. Copy and paste how you renamed this file. (2pts)
  7. Copy the file filename2.txt to your unix_lab06 directory as copied.txt. Copy and paste the command you used. (1pt)
  8. What command would you use to remove the smallstats directory and all of its contents with one command? (1pt)

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