CIS 2101 Homework Assignment #4a


NOTE: To copy and paste in the Unix environment the following may be used:
  1. Change directory to /mnt/homes/CLASSES/CIS2101/lab04a

    1. List all of the visible items in this directory.(2pts)

    2. List all of the hidden items in this directory.(2pts)

    3. Which items in this directory are symbolic links? What do the links point to?(2pts)

    4. Which items in this directory are directories?(2pts)

    5. Which items in this directory are regular files? (2pts)

  2. If you were in your home directory, where would the command "cd .." change your current directory to? (2pts)

  3. For the filesystem mounted on /mnt/arch:
    1. What is the total capacity of this file system? (1pt)

    2. How much free space is available on this file system? (1pt)

    3. Is this file system local or from a network source? Which server is it located on? (2pts)

  4. What is the total disk is used by the contents of the directory /software/idv? Show the command you used and it's output. (2pts)

  5. For the file /mnt/homes/CLASSES/CIS2101/lab04a/hosts.output answer the following:
    1. Who is the owner? (1pt)

    2. What is its group? (1pt)

    3. How large is this file? (1pt)

    4. Who can read the contents of this file?? (1pt)
    5. Who can delete this file? (1pt)

Be sure to print out a copy of your answersd when completed for your own records.

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