CIS 2101 Homework Assignment #1


NOTE: To copy and paste in the Unix environment the following may be used:

1. Name two benefits of using a UNIX versus Windows operating system. (2pts)

2. Find two meteorology jobs (if you're a met major) that require or request UNIX experience. If you're not a met major find any two jobs. Be specific. (2pts)

3. What is a shell? (1pt)

4. What is the difference between the operating system and a program?(1pt)

[loriotg@gollum ~] 
[loriotg@gollum ~] ls -ld /mnt/homes/loriotg/tmp
drwxr-xr-x 2 loriotg loriotg 256 2011-06-14 17:35 /mnt/homes/loriotg/tmp/
[loriotg@gollum ~]  

5. In the above command example, what is the: (2pts)


6. What does an option do to a command?(1pt)

7. What are two ways to access UNIX help pages?(1pt)

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